15th, February 2009


Almost done revising all my fics. Thanks so much for being super patient with me! For now here's a teaser from something new I've been working on. Enjoy! 


Angel finds a way to deal with a life without Buffy, by erasing her from his memory completely.)


“Get her out…”

After those three fatal words slipped from his dry cracked lips his eyes closed in a furious attempt to shut out the pain.  Within seconds the memories started to break apart, stripping away piece by piece - slowly they disintegrated.  In just a few short minutes it would all be gone, not a single trace of her would be left.  Happiness would never be his again, but at least this way he wouldn’t know what he’d been living without.  

The flash of memories accelerated as they ripped away from his mind.  Her hair that shimmered of gold, her grey green eyes that sparkled with life, and her body that had spoken to his soul in an intimate language - one that was born unto them, one that would never be deciphered by any other.

The last thing to flick through his mind was that breathtaking smile, and sure enough it was the one thing that managed to fracture his heart all over again.  A shattering howl tore from his throat, and in his next moment of clarity he found himself on his knees, heaving, desperately gasping for air of which he didn’t even need.

“Buffy Summers?” A voice whispered from the shadows.  A figure followed that voice as it stepped forward, approaching the man who was still on his knees.  

The man looked up, his eyes searching, and his mind working overtime.  “What?”   He didn’t understand.  Where was he, and what was happening?

The cloaked figure repeated her name “Buffy Summers” and waited hopefully for a better response.

With his palms flat against the rough concrete the man pushed himself up off his knees only to come to a stand still on shaky legs.  He was now face to face with the creature before him.  Other than the floor length crimson cloak that covered its frail frame the only thing noticeable seemed to be its piercing blood red eyes.

A frown creased his forehead as he stared on, almost mesmerized.  What was this, and what had just been said?  Had it been a name?

The creature before him stared on expectantly, regardless of that the shaken man appeared to have no answers for him at all.  “Who?”  Was his confused response.

The figure smiled, satisfied.  It had worked, the vampire had forgotten her just as he’d so desperately desired.

With that the mysterious creature vanished, and Angel was left all alone...


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